Public Allegations against Sen. Jeff Klein

Lewis Kaminski, Bronx native, attorney, activist, and candidate for New York Senate from the 34th District, issued the following statement after the public accusations of sexual misconduct against Sen. Jeff Klein (IDC):

“I admire Erica Vladimer. She deserves our respect for showing this kind of courage and sharing her story in the face of what must be tremendous pressure. Like others, I take her account seriously, I believe her, and as a New Yorker and a constituent in the 34th District I call on Sen. Klein to offer a more robust explanation. The ‘don’t believe the woman; it’s not true’ line isn’t going to cut it.

“This is not about politics. This is about an uninvited disruption in a young woman’s career, and it’s about a community standing up and saying that the time for this kind of behavior is up. Real Democrats, progressives, feminists, and fair-minded men and women understand that this kind of conduct is wrong. Because every woman deserves a chance to make a career as an equal.”


Lewis Kaminski